Baby Grand vs. Grand Piano Performance

Lets take a look at the performance capacity of the baby grand verses grand pianos.

Voice of the small baby grand piano (4’10” to 5’6”)  is distinguishable from the larger grand piano (5’8” or longer).
Longer strings of grand piano, allow frequencies to resonate from a larger surface area, resulting in a more balanced, full-bodied tone.
The grand piano’s signature timbre is partially reliant on the length of its strings and soundboard (along with the quality and workmanship of these parts).
Most of the concert halls have 7 feet or longer grand pianos present on the stage.

To be continued…

Young Chang Baby Grand Piano

Young Chang Baby Grand Piano Testing by Performance Level Student

Yamaha Grand Piano Model G3

Yamaha G3 Grand Piano from Classic Piano Centre

Here at Classic Piano Centre Inc, we are proud to be a part of various celebrations. Grand pianos as well as upright pianos are often rented out for one or more days. Last month, on Oct 15th, our piano centre had the pleasure to have one of the Yamaha Grand Pianos participate in most wonderful event at Beth Emeth Synagogue. Piano moving company delivered the grand piano onto the stage, where Classic Piano Technician prepared and tuned the Yamaha G3 grand for the evening concert. Please enjoy a short piano piece during the tuning process!


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