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Mastering Mathematics through Music and Chess

How can we bring joy into the process of gaining knowledge? In this article based on the theory developed by Dr.Rashad Abrarov – physicist-mathematician, we take a look at how educational process is made most effective. Mastering Mathematics through Music and Chess…. Catching up quite seriously in Music and Math from my childhood and later in Chess, […]

Piano Sale at Classic Piano Centre!

Welcome to our annual Mother’s Day Piano Sale at Classic Piano Centre! Join us during this special promotion time from May 1st to May 10th and enjoy great saving on professional YAMAHA & KAWAI upright & grand pianos! Mother’s Day Piano Sale at Classic Piano Centre is a perfect opportunity to show your beautiful feelings  and […]

March break piano sale


MARCH BREAK PIANO SALE at Classic Piano Centre! Come and join our family owned piano store for the annual MARCH BREAK PIANO SALE at Classic Piano Centre! Piano Sale goes until March 22nd. This is one of the best times to find the right piano for your musical family and creative lifestyle! Great savings on […]

Classic Piano Centre

Snapd North York at Classic Piano Centre

Dear Classic Piano Centre Friends! This past Family Day was celebrated in most wonderful atmosphere of music at Classic Piano Centre showroom!!! We would like to thank everyone for joining our family and performing musicians in celebration of LOVE, LIFE and MUSIC!!! Truly, we received the kindest and warmest feedback from the concert experience. The […]


Cinderella Ballet

CINDERELLA BALLET this FAMILY DAY LONG WEEKEND 2015 IN TORONTO Victoria Ballet Company Presents Cinderella With music by: Sergei Prokofiev Choreography: Victoria Mironova Libretto: Victoria Mironova after the fairy tale by Charles Perrault Who can resist the fairy tale of Cinderella? This timeless classic perfect for all age groups, that our brothers, sisters, parents, and […]


Interesting Facts About Mozart

On January 27th of 2015, Mozart would have been 259 years young! Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ( 1756 – 1791)There are many interesting facts about Mozart.One of the greatest composers of the classical period. He studied and admired the works of Bach, Handel and Haydn By the age of 6 he was writing his own compositions. […]

Family day concert


Invitation to ALL music lovers to attend Family Day Concert! Welcome to the wonderful world of Music Kingdom! It is our pleasure to invite all music lovers to the “Family Day Concert” taking place at Classic Piano Centre. An intimate, cozy and warm atmosphere of this family concert will make your stay comfortable and the beautiful, […]

King of grand pianos – Steinway & Sons!

Today we introduce you to king of grand pianos – Steinway & Sons!  Without your talent, a Steinway is silent. Together, you and the piano create beautiful sounds of music. Together with Steinway Piano you can deliver the best quality of performance to your audience. You can see Mr. Steinway as a hero of financial news, […]

Who Invented the Piano?

Most popular question during music class: WHO INVENTED THE PIANO? Our kids most often wonder about three things : 1. Who Invented the PIANO? 2. How old the the PIANO? and 3. How is it made? #1: WHO INVENTED THE PIANO? Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco (May 4, 1655 – January 27, 1731) was an Italian […]

What is Music?

One of the first questions our students ask: WHAT IS MUSIC? Music is an art form which the medium is sound. The basic elements of music are melody, harmony and rhythm. The word “Music” originated from Greek word “mousike”, meaning art of the Muses (goddesses in Greek mythology who inspire the creation of literature and […]