Piano Lessons in Toronto Area for ALL levels and ALL ages!

Wish to start Piano Lessons in Toronto Area? Here at Classic Piano Centre we have highly trained professional piano teachers conducting private music lessons in classical piano playing as well as improvisation. Many of our students taking piano lessons follow the Royal Conservatory Method and some of them take part in various music competitions such as Kiwanis and Chopin. Music classes at the comfort of your home are also available: School on Wheels comes to teach RCM and popular methods to your door!

Piano Lessons and Six Benefits of playing the piano

1. Playing the piano can increase cognitive development. 2. Eye-hand coordination is developed while playing during piano lessons. 3. Fine motor skills are also developed. 4. Regular practice sessions each day and weekly piano lessons will instill discipline and dedication in an individual that can then be applied to many other areas of life. 5. Music itself can reduce anxiety and stress. Sitting down to play a piano for even a few moments on a busy day can help the mind refocus: relieving stress and even lowering a person’s blood pressure. 6. Playing the piano can also affect the mental health of an individual. Pianists may see a reduction in depression, its’ symptoms and other mental health issues. Social pain, such as loneliness, can also be battled when playing a piano.


Parents Testimonials

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