Pianos For Sale in Toronto

How to choose the right grand piano or upright piano?

Pianos for sale in Toronto Area: upright pianos or grand piano? 

Choosing a piano can seem like an intimidating task to many people, especially if they are not professional pianists or have never purchased a piano before. Buying a used piano is very similar to buying a car. You have to decide whether you need a small apartment size piano, medium studio size piano, professional upright piano or a more opulent Grand Piano. Then there is research regarding the make of the piano, the age, the overall condition of the piano and how it “feels” when you play it.
At Classic Piano Centre we have done much of the research work for you. We specialize in used Japanese piano makes, like Yamaha and Kawai.
Our best sellers are the Yamaha upright piano models U1, U2, U3 and UX. Also popular pianos for sale are Kawai upright piano models US50, KS2F, KL502. Piano experts at Classic Piano Centre will help you select the right piano for your needs and the best piano your budget.

With each used piano purchase all our clients receive:
– complimentary tuning,
– delivery,
– warranty for parts and labour
– a matching piano bench.

Upright Pianos vs. Grand Pianos

Upright pianos are compact and fit comfortably in most rooms of the house. They are perfect for beginners and advanced players alike. There are various heights, finishes, and cabinets in Upright Pianos to meet your needs. The height of an Upright Piano is measured from the floor to the top of the piano.

The size (height & width) of the upright piano is probably the single most important factor influencing its tone quality and the volume. The taller the piano means the strings are longer and the soundboard is bigger producing louder sound. Upright pianos usually range from 36” to 52” tall.

Browse our Upright Piano section for more information about our in- stock Uprights. Feel free to contact our experts for more info.

Grand Pianos are ideal for performance spaces, institutions as well as private spaces. They are superior in quality to Upright Pianos and can produce a richer tone due to the orientation of the strings. Grand pianos also range in various sizes (width) and finishes. The length of a grand piano is measured from the very front of the keyboard end to the very back of the piano all with lid closed. A popular choice for those wanting the feel of a grand Piano on a smaller scale are Baby Grand Pianos, which are 5’ 2” and under.

If you decide to purchase a Grand, we recommend that you purchase the high quality grand if possible. Browse our Grand Piano and Baby Grand Piano Selection

How to choose a good gently used piano: 

  •  A healthy used piano should have tight tuning pins, clean action and strings, smooth and even hummer heads, healthy soundboard and bridges. And last but not least, clean piano body, polished hardware. A good piano should look as good as it sounds.
  • There is no disputing matters of taste when buying a piano. What sounds and feels good to you will be different from someone else. Always play the piano to make sure you are comfortable with it.

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