Piano Tuning in Toronto and Complete Piano Service

Looking to piano tuning in Toronto Area? Professional and experienced piano technicians at Classic Piano Centre will make sure your piano sounds its best.

From,  piano tuning and complete piano service to full restoration and refinishing –  we bring pianos back to life!

What is Piano Tuning?

Tuning is adjusting of strings on the piano, so they sound at correct pitch. The standard is A440 Hertz. A piano tuner or piano technician makes fine adjustments to the tension of the strings so that they sound at the correct pitch. When the piano is in tune, it has a clearer, more harmonious sound and provides a more enjoyable experience for the beginner student and accomplished pianist alike.

By the way, it is recommended to allow 4-6 weeks after piano moving to play each and every key, and later to perform piano tuning after delivery. 

Piano Voicing

Does your piano sound too sharp and harsh? Or is the sound too dull and lifeless? Our technicians can treat the hammers of your piano to give the instrument just the tone you are looking for. A special technique is applied to the hummer felts which strike the strings. When the felt is made to be harder, the sound is brighter/sharper. And when the felt is made softer, the sound is more mellow/warm. Also consider that the acoustics of the room the piano is in have a great effect on the piano’s sound. Bare hardwood floors as opposed to carpet and drapes for example.

Piano Regulation

Piano technicians at Classic Piano Centre perform regulation of the “action” (the inner mechanism, the piano “engine” ) in order to bring the piano back to optimum condition. This can fix such common problems as sticking keys, clicking noise and keys that don’t feel even. Regulation involves making many different but inter-dependent adjustments to the various action parts. Sometimes, a partial regulation may suffice and can be done on site. Larger regulation jobs involve removing the action from the piano so that it can be fully regulated in our workshop.

Minor repairs for upright and grand pianos

When a small part needs to be fixed or replaced, we can usually complete the repair at your home, letting you get back to playing in no time.  At the same time, our professional piano tuner/technicians would give recommendation as to how to take care of your upright or grand piano in order to prevent further malfunctions.

Piano Refinishing

Although a piano is first a musical instrument whose sound is its key feature, it can also complement your interior décor and serve as a beautiful piece of furniture. In fact, it can become the centerpiece in your living or dining room. Refinishing involves stripping the old finish on the piano and applying multiple coats of a new finish of your choice.

Piano Rebuilding

If you have an old instrument from a noteworthy manufacturer or a family piano that you wish to be passed down to later generations we can completely restore your piano to sound, look and feel nearly likely new.

Piano Moving

Professional, efficient and insured piano movers at Classic Piano Centre will help you deliver an upright piano or grand piano in safe and timely manner. It is important to know that pianos required special treatment and proper equipment when being moved from one place to another, especially when steps and stairs are involved. Grand Piano moving takes a whole different approach and highest level of expertise: partial dismantling of the grand or baby grand piano is required in order to perform the move.

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